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Life's journey has been varied. As a 30 year career soldier its been geographically, emotionally and intellectually nomadic, at times exciting, sometimes frustrating, its had highs and lows and it has challenged me, sometimes beyond what I thought possible. On the whole I have been lucky. I've developed a reputation for being unconventional, even unorthodox. I've made mistakes, plenty of them. Success and failure have left their marks. I've been able to develop my passions and interests. From the office to the trench, from ocean sailing to Antarctic exploration, from the philosophies of Kurt Hahn to the lyrics of Tom Lewis, and much more besides and between. Now I want to share them.

I am trying to bring meaning and sense to these experiences, learning from the past so as to signpost the future, not just mine but anyone else who might benefit vicariously. This blog, set in Shetland sailing aboard "Swan", a 100 year old ex herring drifter delivering youth development and sail training opportunities for young people, is a living reflection on that journey.

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

One Hundred Years of Fishing History in 3 pictures

Swan 1900     


Comrades 1958

Adenia 2003

Some thoughts:

Length Swan 67 feet   Adenia  64 Meters
Draught Swan 9 feet  Adenia  9 meters

Swan fish hold capacity about 2 tons.  One of about 400 Shetland boats
Adenia fish Hold capacity 1100tons.    one of six Shetland pelagic boats

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